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Want to listen to a life lived?

Listen to Joni Mitchell

Both sides now (original version)

Both sides now (remastered version)

A life lived. I am sitting here in Dallas airport, waiting for my flight to Houston. (My 2nd flight here in a couple of days.) Watching teenage soldiers walking somewhere. I find myself praying they are walking home. Yet, seeing their boots and how clean they are, how new the tread is, I wonder.
“So many things I would have done…” is a sad sentence to hear in an airport at this hour.
I often circle back to the thoughts “Do I deserve to be this happy? This lucky?” When others.. when there are people… humans… who are flying away from their children for months instead of just days.
How did I get so magically blessed? I wanted to be a scientist.. to work at NASA.. to discover things. My sister reminded me on Saturday that I am now. I’m sitting in a room at NASA doing what I wanted to do before … before. And it doesn’t matter how we get somewhere – I’m here. Living a dream. (For those of you who don’t know, I’m doing zero G on the 12th as a control subject at NASA. Thank you Dr. Kraft!)
I’m hopeful for each person who walks by me in fatigues. Every single one with a wedding ring so far. Love. At least there is always that.

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I’m yours

I am often rushing. Yesterday I decided to get a cup of coffee and sit on a bench in an alley by my office. The bench has a sculpture of a man and a woman reading a baby book.
Sitting on the bench I am thinking about life. Love. Happiness. A kid in a baseball cap walks toward me and sits on the bench. He is about 12 (likely more like 25.) He starts playing his guitar. Turns to me. Sings a song I have never heard. For about 4 minutes or so. I’m sitting there tearing up. He ends. I am speechless.
“What is that song”
“That is your song. Have a great day.”
He gets up and walks away. I am aghast. Minutes later I wonder if it really happened.
I love this generation. The random way they interact. I’ve done a lot of street performance where we entertained.. .this little Flash Guitar was something else.
Made my day.
I’ll talk about it when my teeth are sitting in a glass at my bedside.

Thank you young man.

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“Perspective is elusive when busy in what we do most of the time.”
-Christina Harbridge

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My sister is brilliant

My sister is always saying things that make the think:

Seems to me the underdog makes that win more than the
existing champion because the underdog is working toward
something, not afraid in defending something… -Leta D.

SO true!!

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I’m sorry, so sorry

If you read both my blog and my ‘facebook’ you are about to get a repeat.

My new favorite human. The alopecia lyric nearly knocked me to the ground. Reminded me of ….

watch past 51 seconds.. you will get it

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Wisdom at 3am

My son woke up in the middle of the night and crawled down to my office. Somehow he knows now when I am up in the middle of the night working. (I have insomnia – I get up every night at 2:30am or 3am.) He brings a blanket over next to me and sleeps there for the night.

After about an hour he started saying something. Emphatic. Over and over. “xlkasjldf” “XKLASJLDF” “XSKASJLDF!!!!”

I’m thinking perhaps my little 3 year old is telling me the meaning of life. I get close to him and put my ear next to his mouth.


Oh. I got him one. He went back to sleep. I went back to work.

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Don’t it turn my brown eyes blue

I have a secret to tell you. Don’t tell anyone.
Since I was a wee child I have had a mad crush on Paul Newman.

When his salad dressing came out I purchased it not for the flavor – for the picture. It is embarrassing a little. It is just that moment in Sundance Kid that just never left my heart.

I saw a quote today – like it.

“If you’re playing a poker game and you look around the table and and can’t tell who the sucker is, it’s you.”
-Paul Newman

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2 things today

On a car during rush hour with 6 little kid stickers on the rear driver window. You know the ones. The Mom stick figure, the dad stick figure, the dog, maybe the cat and then the number of kids. 6 kids. (lucky)

Sign said:
“I love you as you are. I just love you too much to let you stay that way. -God”


Then, an e-mail from a friend who remembered my dad loved Edgar Allen Poe. Sent my pop this one for his birthday.

The Happiest Day, the Happiest Hour
by Edgar Allan Poe

The happiest day – the happiest hour
My sear’d and blighted heart hath known,
The highest hope of pride and power,
I feel hath flown.

Of power! said I? yes! such I ween;
But they have vanish’d long, alas!
The visions of my youth have been –
But let them pass.

And, pride, what have I now with thee?
Another brow may even inherit
The venom thou hast pour’d on me
Be still, my spirit!

The happiest day – the happiest hour
Mine eyes shall see – have ever seen,
The brightest glance of pride and power,
I feel – have been:

But were that hope of pride and power
Now offer’d with the pain
Even then I felt – that brightest hour
I would not live again:

For on its wing was dark alloy,
And, as it flutter’d – fell
An essence – powerful to destroy
A soul that knew it well.

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Happy Birthday Robert Harold Everett Christopher Harbridge

June 2, 1931
a beautiful little boy was born

He wrote poetry. He infiltrated white places to integrate them. He sang Christmas carols door to door in June. He loved motorcycles.

Written by him:

Changing always changing
who knows tomorrow who I’ll be
I have a hundred different faces
and not one of them is me.

I love you more etc. dad. I suppose since i am the first one to say it on the internet I win.

Miss you.

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