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I hurt myself watching this one

I don’t have a television. I am so grateful when people send me things that I absolutely need to know exist.

I nearly turned this one off at about 1-minute. Talk shows annoy me…

THEN… wow. Darn funny.

It makes me think about communication. How levity helps deliver even the most challenging message.

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I’m sitting in Las Vegas waiting for my plane to arrive to take me home. The screen says “Pos Wth Dly” Folks are curious what that means. (I did Cryptograms as a kid so I figured it says Possible Weather Delay.) A mom here is a little upset. Visibly shaken she worries about getting home to pick up her two daughters.
She steps up to the desk as a young man steps behind it. She waits for a moment. he doesn’t acknowledge her, he types at the computer.
It is clear from her face she is a little emotional.
She finally interupts his typing and not looking and asks sweetly, almost sheepishly, “um, are we leaving as scheduled.”
He doesn’t even look up.
“Maam, I haven’t even signed into the computer yet. I will make an announcement when I do.”
Really? This is my first time flying Virgin America and I do admit I had some high expectations.
I suppose the RED means embarrass your customers and your brand by lacking human feeling.
aaah. he just gave the announcement. He did a great job educating us though on WHY the weather delay happens in SFO. That he did a great job of. Really, he did a great job. I just wish he would see the people in front of him and say it different. “I’m checking into it…. I’ll make an announcement in just a second… promise….”

A microphone made him nicer and approachable. For those of us sitting around him… we don’t like him because he was rude to a worried mom.

Richard – teach your people to reduce anonymity.


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What I wish Tiger Wood would have said…

“..I’d like to say something to the kids all around the world…………………Over the past few years, I have been a role model for young people. Over the past couple of months the world has become aware that this role model has some questionable character flaws that are shameful and that I need to personally work on. I am speaking right now to the young people … be careful who you make your role model. Just because a person can swing a club does not make them worthy of your attention. There is a person inside of you that is so much stronger than I am and deserve your admiration. Words do not matter now. Behavior does. I am committed to being as good a man, a husband and a father, as I am a golfer.”

When a famous person messes up (and I think most people agree Tiger has messed up) there is this tremendous opportunity to reach out to people and teach something. Tiger Woods has enough money – his legacy could be to get kids to focus their adoration on themselves instead of some guy with a stick. 🙂

I wish PR people would take public admissions to the next level – transformation for all of us not just mea culpa for one of us.

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Ada Lovelace, a love story

Ada Lovelace. Do you know who she was? The world’s first computer programmer. Check it out.

#31 enchantress of numbers


Thanks Don Paul for the info – fascinating.

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Sort of snowing in San Francisco

The best line of the night, by Jennifer H, “The first rule about pillow fight club, is nobody talks about pillow fight club.” (Watching our boys going to town with pillows.)

The video doesn’t show all the down feathers that happened after pillows started breaking… the cops told me it costs $30,000 to clean it all up …

buzz kill for about 8 seconds.


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GSEA Video

Wow. I’m so proud of all my friends who give 1000’s of hours to make this happen. So inspirational.
Brava Dhaya! Rocked it.

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Fairmont hires dancers

650 person keynote
Scottsdale, Arizona
Not all the moving parts were working the way I’d like them to. A wee bit stressed. Still having fun.
First AV guy: Hi What can I do for you today?
(I had BustaMove -kid n play- playing on the loudspeakers.
Um, the running man?
After a few seconds of thinking, my AV person busted a move: the perfect running man.
Moments later, another representative who would help me with sound approached. Can I get you anything?
Um. Well. The last guy did the running man.. what do you have for me?
Maybe 2 seconds passed… he did the sprinkler… and the music wasn’t even good
I applauded. Wow. This is customer service! (Fairmont Hotel i Scottsdale. A green hotel.. no bottled water – everyone received a water bottle and a 5 gallon jug at the back of the room.)
My last person. Ryan. In a suit. Just checking to make sure I was happy and ready. Anything I can do?
Um, well Ryan. I got the running man and the sprinkler.. what do you have for me?
After much thinking…I still can’t believe it… the man busted out with the shopping cart. Do you even remember that dance?
Life is good.

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When I was a kid,  I read a book about the future.  A future when we hobbled brilliant dancers with bricks and brilliant thinkers with loud sounds, so we would all be equal.
Lately, I’ve felt a wee bit hobbled–my own doing… up late… most nights… wanting to unhobble… unclear on how to do it.
One of my mentors sent me a link to a movie. 9 minutes into it I’m feeling annoyed by it’s emotional obviousness.
nice. Beautiful. A story about how we see things. How our belief about something makes it so.

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