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Of service


From Houston living in Milwaukee.

Met him on a plane. He helped me with my bag. He helped everyone within a 10 seat radius with their bag.

We started talking. About being a gentlemen. I told him about teaching my son to be a gentleman. About the many times of late when Sebastian will say very loudly, “WHY IS THAT MAN NOT GIVING YOU A SEAT MOMMA. IS HE NOT A GENTLEMAN?”

Of course. The guy Sebastian is referring to will give me a really harsh and mean look. Whoops.

Alan says something very simple. Something I remembered and forgot.

“If we are not in service, we are not living.”

My dad. I had this physical memory of being with my dad. About how he always looked for a way to help other people.. even when he was in a wheelchair and could barely move.

Be of service. Alan and I spent the entire flight helping each other. Since I sat next to him I have been more focused on being of service.

A woman getting off the plane with a baby sleeping in her car seat. She stops at the jet way and stands waiting. I ask her if she needs some help. She bites her lip.

“Well, my daughter fell asleep and I couldn’t carry her, her car seat and my bag. My bag is still on the plane.”

I offer to go get it for her. She actually starts to tear up and says, “Thank you so much.”

It took me, what, 2 minutes to be a salmon.. fight the people coming off the plane and get that bag.

Walking to the baggage claim I noticed 4 people who needed help. They were always there – I was just so focused on my handheld or maybe my destination.

I arrived at my hotel, helped a woman read her menu and built a little snowman with no gloves.

Life, really is, good.

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Christmas 1973

Christmas this year
Should cost at least
A thousand dollars.

It should be
In the Ideal Bar & Grill
On 163rd and St. Nicholas
Waiting for the first
Tattered little boy
To come in selling
Tomorrow’s morning papers
Roughing up his hair,
Giving all his papers away
And giving him
A hundred dollar bill.

It should be
Walking through the
Finding the drunk
Shivering in the dark doorway
And giving him,
Instead of a religious tract
Or lecture,
A hundred dollar bill.

It should be walking,
Down Beale Street,
Stopping the first
Poor black child,
Giving him a smile
And a hundred dollar bill.

It should be
In Albuquerque.
Not a donation to a fund,
But taking the time to find
The sad-eyed Chicano child,
Taking him to a toy store
And letting him run riot.
Picking up the tab, the
toys and him and
To take them to
Wherever or to whatever
His home may be,

And leaving him the change
Of a hundred dollar bill.

It should be in San Diego
Out on the wharf,
With the old fisherman
Who mends nets
Because the tuna
Don’t run for him anymore.
A “Vaya con Dios”
And a hundred dollar bill.

It should be
In a Santa Monica Bar,
Smiling at the tired barmaid
Who came to the coast
To be a star
And only found reality,
Giving her conversation,
And a hundred dollar bill.

It should be in
A Nob Hill restaurant.
Giving the maitre d’
A smile. And the busboy,
Who no one has noticed
All year,
A hundred dollar bill.

It should be
With a little old lady
In San Francisco’s Mission
Selling flowers, Late at night
In the Tenderloin
Taking all her
Wilted posies,
Giving her a kiss
And a hundred dollar bill.

It should be
In Seattle’s skid row
Down near the Totem Pole
In Pioneer Square,

Giving the startled
Indian panhandler
A measure of returned pride
And a handshake
And a hundred dollar bill.

It should be the last saved
For the thief
Who needs it worse
Than anyone,
Not just the money
But the need to
Be superior to someone.
Let him steal from me
A hundred dollar bill.

But most of all…
To have any value at all,
Let Christmas Day find me
With empty pockets
Hanging inside out,

By Robert H. Harbridge, 1973

I miss you dad. As I read your poem this year I realized, I may have lost my “still in love with man” a little this year. I have been surrounded of late by so much ‘mean’ behavior that I got some of it on me I suppose.

Recommitted. To that last thought. Etc.

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If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each (person’s) life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm any hostility.”
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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It all started with Marilyn




I love the world. I first heard of this artist in 2008 because a friend blogged about him.

Today, I saw a makeshift sculpture that reminded me of the artist I had sort of forgot about.

(I wish I had a picture of the floating piece that was outside the Embarcadero)

I sat outside my son’s school trying to remember the name of the artist so I could follow-up on what I’d seen. Invite him to a program for youth up in Point Bonita.

Coincidentally, I received this video from one of my coworkers.

Weird, now typical serendipity is becoming.

There is so much randomness in our world that plays such a huge part of our ‘outcomes’

So much of our lives is a result of randomness, isn’t it? There is a good book on the subject “The Drunkards Walk.”

Ping me after reading the book. It really does blow some air in the old garbage bags.

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New toy – eye tracking

Interesting ….oh how will we use this little toy….?

If anyone has experience with it, please let me know. Wanting data before I take the plunge.

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Is it me? or are people just hugging more these days?

I have noticed a trend in the business world. As I walk toward people, instead of the traditional “Let me give you my flu” handshake…. I’m getting the hug and even an occasional kiss on the cheek.

People seem to be warmer of late. Slower. More deliberate in their moments of relationship than I have seen in a while.

I like it.

That’s all. I don’t have any poetry around it. I just like it.

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Well, I’d steal a car if i didn’t have to get off the couch

i’m talking with my family and somehow the PSA for movie downloading comes up.

I do my best to imitate the PSA for downloading movies over the internet….
(go ahead, watch it so you get the full effect)

My niece Vanesa says…..

“Yeah, I wouldn’t do all that, steal a car etc…too much work… I would CLICK a BUTTOn…”

i love my family

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In SoCal at Wilson Creek Winery.
Many cars here.
One, bumper sticker “Sarah Palin 2012”
My brother in law groans
“hey bro, you don’t like Sarah Palin?” I ask sarcastically?
“Sure I do. For target practice.”

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April Wishes and Flowers

A scaled the hill behind my house today.
I lost track trying to count of all the different kinds of flowers growing on a hill that is usually brown and dry. Seriously. Red, pink, purple, yellow… not the 8-color crayola box.. but the coveted 128 box so difficult to find. I now see what ‘cornflower’ looks like in real life.

The realization that today I am in a slice of time. In two weeks, all these flowers will be starved for water and disappear. I stop at each flower and admire. (okay, I’m also asphyxiating a litte cuz it is a steep climb.) I try to absorb it all. Distracted. Sobbing a little.

I see a patch of purple off the patch. I brave poison oak and hold on to the steep climb to find the most perfect purple irises. I sit in the middle of them .. okay, I fall asleep in the middle of them. For a time.

I’m not supposed to be here. I have work to do. The list of things. And yet today, on a Monday, I needed to venture UP. I am thinking of a little boy born a few days ago who I am praying for. I’m not good at praying, I’m not sure I know how to do it. All I know is he came in the world the scary way Sebastian did… and sadly, he is in the NICU. I am praying for him to keep his bloom a little longer.. to stay with us.

I’m not sure why the post today. I have nothing pithy or meditative to share.. just a wish.. put out in the universe that his little 8 mighty pounds can stay and  come visit our mountain and the tree we planted for him. Perhaps an exhale on this page will act like a wish dandelion and .. well… LOVE to you little man

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