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The Last Time is a Beautiful Thing

I read an article that introduced me to a deliberate practice that has helped me be more present.

Is this the Last Time you get to do this?

This question isn’t meant to scare or put one into scarcity. It is a precious reminder that this moment is, well, precious.

My son has long hair. It is hard to brush. I help him in the morning and sometimes it is just hard.

I am blessed to be with him on the mornings I brush his hair. Now, if it is a struggle, I lovingly run my hands over his silken (gnarled underneath) tresses. I slow it all down and LOVE how delicious it is to be a mom who has a son.

I told my son about it and he sort of laughed. Yet, weeks later he did something he hasn’t done since he was four. He used to stand at the top of the stairs and call for me in the SWEETEST voice MOMMA!

(I taught him to do this as a toddler when he woke up in the morning… I’d come get him in such a fun way.)

It was beautiful to get a Last Time Do Over. I felt so very grateful.

I’m learning to be super present by slowing moments down as if they were the last time. Thank you author of the article below. 🙂

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Say Yes to Everything

Say Yes to Everything

For a week.
Of course, put some boundaries around it.
(My boundaries were: no travel required, no going with strangers in dark allies & no messing with my son’s schedule)
Say YES to every request or ask.
Of course, do not tell anyone you are doing this.
Just do it.
There are so many articles out there about saying NO, so I wondered how it would feel to embrace the chaos of YES.
One week.
It was total chaos and bliss.
It took me to places I value.
I threw me off of my ‘to do’ list and into the present moment.
YES is the new NO. or is it KNOW.

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Small moments- the Living Like button

I have a deliberate practice to search for and notice the beauty of human beings. I then appreciate the individual I notice as often as I can. It makes me love the world I live in.

Whenever I stay in a hotel, along with the tip, I leave a personal note for the person taking care of so many travelers quietly and behind the scenes. A thank you note takes just a moment – it is such an easy way to increase happiness in the world. We just never know the heart and life of the hands holding that piece of paper later.

Small moments are the key to a better future for our world. We are all so busy and focused on the little computer in our palm. Can we hold that hand out to someone who has been in our physical presence rather than our technological one? Can we just start LIVING a LIKE button?

Creating a deliberate practice to NOTICE individuals and appreciate them is my focus in life. To appreciate without the expectation to receive anything in return.

I received this e-mail from someone creating their deliberate practice too. Love it. So look forward to a future when these kind of notes are so common people do not feel the need to thank for being thanked.

I love the world. Thank you dearest D who emailed me. It means so much to me. 🙂

Hi Christina,

So… following your lead, while staying at a hotel in xxxx, I left a note on my bed thanking whomever was straightening and cleaning my room.  It was a simple note, I honestly don’t remember exactly what I wrote… probably something like, “Thank you for taking such good care of me during my stay…” nothing more for sure.

As I went to dinner tonight, the person behind the hotel check-in/out counter…. I’m sure there is a better name for the area… but it escapes me at the moment…. called me over and handed me a bag with a note beautifully tied with lace attached to the top… the very nice person behind the counter told me that they wanted to thank me for my kind note….. inside the bag was a wonderful bottle of wine (vintage 2002…. old must be good) and the note in the attached image.

 Suffice to say, I’ll stay here anytime I’m in the area.  BUT…. what really struck me was the power of a simple note…

Thank you for sharing this little gem with me.  Every day, I privately (alright, I guess if I’m telling you, it is not very private) ask to be a light to someone during the day.  In this case, it backfired, as the staff of the hotel were a light too me…

 Go figure.

 Take care,

Name withheld to protect his privacy

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Honoring you today

I’m so thinking of you
All of you
Who left your family and your home
To serve your country
In absolute awe of you

I think of you today knowing my ability to peek in on a sleeping boy
And listen to his breathing and dream words
Even tiptoe in to smell his hair and rearrange his blankets
I am lucky for that
You left your family and left that
For me
For all of us
I can’t imagine the strength and the honor it took to do that
Today – I think of you.
I thank you.
I love you.

We all must live each day
Being worthy of the incredible heart
It took for you to do that for us

We must act now in a way that makes you proud
All of us
Each of us

Thank you

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Water in the boots

Water in the boots

My son and I have a Plants vs. Zombies problem.
It started because his doctor prescribed
that he do 20 minutes of video games a day
to fix his eye.
(Lucky kid)

Then, he got me into it. Brilliant kid.
Cuz, last night
we did almost an hour.
The time just slipped by


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No one is coming

Everywhere I go these days, I keep hearing about

I’ve said it too. I wish… If only.. how come ….

No one is coming.

Whatever it is in our country, our company, our family that isn’t working
that we complain about
will not change
until we
as individuals
decide to get resourceful
not give up.

I asked someone I respect once
the key to a long marriage
he had been married 60 years or something crazy like that.

“Don’t give up on the same day.”


So- what if there was a collective moment
we all
were ALL IN.

Despite the fact that
do not understand.

They don’t get it.

They are (whatever label we have applied.)

and we just

Took the absolute responsibility
to keep trying.

I’m in.

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Magic with what is

I love the world. I first heard of this artist in 2008 because a friend blogged about him.

Today, I saw a makeshift sculpture that reminded me of the artist I had sort of forgot about.

(I wish I had a picture of the floating piece that was outside the Embarcadero)

I sat outside my son’s school trying to remember the name of the artist so I could follow-up on what I’d seen. Invite him to a program for youth up in Point Bonita.

Coincidentally, I received this video from one of my coworkers.

Weird, now typical serendipity is becoming.

There is so much randomness in our world that plays such a huge part of our ‘outcomes’

So much of our lives is a result of randomness, isn’t it? There is a good book on the subject “The Drunkards Walk.”

Ping me after reading. It really does blow some air in the old garbage bags.

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When did you last frolic in the autumn mist?

Whenever I feel sad. Well. Disappointed. When I see evidence of a world that does not meet up to my highest heart and expectations.
I write in incomplete sentences.
I google
Puff the Magic Dragon.
A song that Peter Paul and Mary have song a million times before.
That a rational person would be sick of.
That of course we KNOW how it ends so therefore it just can’t be interesting anymore – can it?

That is ONE version. The better ones are more recent.

Sure, you can watch PP&M. OR
we can watch the kids. their faces. the delight.
The sadness when they realize that dragons live forever… but not so little boys.

The parents who knowingly place their chin on the heads of their little kids who are only in their lap for a heartbeat it feels.

Delight. Wonder. Depth. Those things. Those moments. More incomplete sentences that sound much better if I was doing spoken word instead of reaching in in between the lines of a blog post.

Just because we have done it before doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting.

I sense at times we get addicted to the new when, like ambrose bierce said, there are a lot of old things we really do not know.

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