Small moments- the Living Like button

I have a deliberate practice to search for and notice the beauty of human beings. I then appreciate the individual I notice as often as I can. It makes me love the world I live in.

Whenever I stay in a hotel, along with the tip, I leave a personal note for the person taking care of so many travelers quietly and behind the scenes. A thank you note takes just a moment – it is such an easy way to increase happiness in the world. We just never know the heart and life of the hands holding that piece of paper later.

Small moments are the key to a better future for our world. We are all so busy and focused on the little computer in our palm. Can we hold that hand out to someone who has been in our physical presence rather than our technological one? Can we just start LIVING a LIKE button?

Creating a deliberate practice to NOTICE individuals and appreciate them is my focus in life. To appreciate without the expectation to receive anything in return.

I received this e-mail from someone creating their deliberate practice too. Love it. So look forward to a future when these kind of notes are so common people do not feel the need to thank for being thanked.

I love the world. Thank you dearest D who emailed me. It means so much to me. ūüôā

Hi Christina,

So… following your lead, while staying at a hotel in xxxx, I left a note on my bed thanking whomever was straightening and cleaning my room. ¬†It was a simple note, I honestly don’t remember exactly what I wrote… probably something like, “Thank you for taking such good care of me during my stay…” nothing more for sure.

As I went to dinner tonight, the person behind the hotel check-in/out counter…. I’m sure there is a better name for the area… but it escapes me at the moment…. called me over and handed me a bag with a note beautifully tied with lace attached to the top… the very nice person behind the counter told me that they wanted to thank me for my kind note….. inside the bag was a wonderful bottle of wine (vintage 2002…. old must be good) and the note in the attached image.

¬†Suffice to say, I’ll stay here anytime I’m in the area. ¬†BUT…. what really struck me was the power of a simple note…

Thank you for sharing this little gem with me. ¬†Every day, I privately (alright, I guess if I’m telling you, it is not very private) ask to be a light to someone during the day. ¬†In this case, it backfired, as the staff of the hotel were a light too me…

 Go figure.

 Take care,

Name withheld to protect his privacy

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Buzzwords reduce understanding

This is such a good example of how humans often miscommunicate:

Colbert and Newsom

If folks do not understand what is being said: USE an example.

To increase understanding: help people FIND THEMSELVES in what you are trying to say.

Examples. Use them.

In case my link above gives you trouble:



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Honoring you today

I’m so thinking of you
All of you
Who left your family and your home
To serve your country
In absolute awe of you

I think of you today knowing my ability to peek in on a sleeping boy
And listen to his breathing and dream words
Even tiptoe in to smell his hair and rearrange his blankets
I am lucky for that
You left your family and left that
For me
For all of us
I can’t imagine the strength and the honor it took to do that
Today – I think of you.
I thank you.
I love you.

We all must live each day
Being worthy of the incredible heart
It took for you to do that for us

We must act now in a way that makes you proud
All of us
Each of us

Thank you

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Chasing Rainbows

A long walk returning to the office

It is pouring

It wasn’t a few hours ago

when I decided not to bring my umbrella

My shoes soaked

My back and shoulders damp

At least I have a hat

I buy an umbrella

Leave the store

Watch her run trying to avoid the drops

Light blue pants suit


Purse above her head

Nice hairdo slowly making its way into disarray

I hand her my umbrella


Oh, no, really, I’m okay

HERE, Take it

She is verklempt



I walk away

She yells thank you

I walk



I duck into another store

Buy two more umbrellas

Stand in the rain

The drops feel like little kisses on my face

I wait

A man with a nice suit and a brief case on his head


A woman with a black dress and a book on her head

Each surprised



Soaked with gratitude

Jumping in the puddles

Squishing feet

Feeling the kind of warm

That only human kindness can kindle

Today: a great day


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Do this for me

Writing this down.


Cheapens it.

I know.

Yet. I’d like more people to¬†have it. So. I offer it.

I’ve committed every day of my life to kindness. Every nightI ask myself if I am proud of the wake I left in the world. If I am not, I do something to answer yes.

I stayed in Boston months ago for 4 nights. Hard to be away from my kid for that long. It is a trip I do once a year to fill my head and heart with expansiveness.

Since I do this every year, I have a lot of affection for the people who work at the facility.

If you have read my blog before, you may remember the post I did about secretly doing kind things for people. Under the radar. I have posted about the people who clean up after us in hotels. How often they do not receive a tip or a thank you note. I leave a thank you note and a tip every time.

Felt like it wasn’t enough.

It isn’t. The people (mostly women) who clean up after us are underpaid.

Don’t think so? Do me a favor. Take 15-minutes and stand over the bed you sleep in. Put a pillow case on and off a pillow for 10 minutes. See if you can do it without hurting. No matter how big your arms are- 15 pillow cases later it hurts.

Now, do that all day. This is not easy labor. I’m not even talking about how gross¬†their job¬†must be at times.

So. I put a “do not disturb” sign on my door for the entire stay. I talked to the woman who came to clean my room. I told her I needed something from her. I asked her if she had a moment?


How long does it take to clean a room like this?

About 15-20 minutes depending on the person who stays in it.

Are you willing to do something for me.. maybe a little unusual?

Sure. What do you need. (no hesitation)

See that chair over there. The one by the window?

um.. yes….

Will you sit in it for 15 minutes?


I do not need you to clean. I’m fine. The room looks great. I’d love it if you just closed the door, put your feet up and hung out. For me.

She teared up.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to…

allowed to what.. do what a guest is asking?¬† I smile at her…

She hugged me. Not the weird pat on the back hug. We had, well, a moment.

I let her know she wasn’t allowed to clean my room all week. That is was the least I could do and it would make me feel like I did something.

We touched hands each time we walked by each other in the hallway that week. I felt like I had this person there with me that understood.

Understood? What the heck?

We talked about her son and my son. About the days she is away from him and someone else picks him up from school. All the ways she wishes she could see him run out of the oak doors of his school. We talked about our boys: mine 6 and hers 9. The grow up so fast.

Those moments in the hallway I had a connection to another mom and it just felt yummy.

She left me an origami bird on the chair in my room with a note. She used to spend hours creating things and spent the 15 minutes making decorations for her upcoming anniversary. She wanted me to have one because if I lived in town, she’d make sure there was a place at her table for me.

So. I sat on this blog for 4 months. I felt it would cheapen the story if I talked about it. Anonymous matters to me in doing kind acts.

Then. I thought of what I got from this act. Just for me. Selfishly.


Do this for me.

It feels too good, the feeling I had in April, to not share it with you so you can have it too.



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